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Strongly anchored in the values that have set us apart for over 70 years, Famous is now embarking on a new journey with an entrepreneurial will - to combine creativity and innovation. To help build companies that are forever inventing new ways to tell great stories.

Our hands-on, informal management style has propelled every team member to be a leader and give their passion a voice. Together, we then aim for breakthrough results, collaborating with colleagues and external partners to make dreams come true!

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Through the Famous Incubation Centre, residents operating out of our co-working space will have access to the right combination of tools to guide them towards creating & publishing leading products, technology and content both locally and globally.


With an amazing community of entrepreneurs, creatives, mentors, investors and tech gurus, we share a common trait - the ability to dream big. The Famous Incubation Centre is focussed on our ability to bring together the most crucial element of any business value change – our growing community.

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on-site learning & leveraging of resources
tie-ups to universities
in-kind professional support
entreprenuerial membership & education
community support
entreprenuerial networks: regional, national & international

That idea you have?

It deserves a space to grow.

Build, launch and grow your business at the Famous Incubation Centre. Do you want to be a part of an ecosystem that boosts innovation and position yourself at the forefront of change?