quiet desk for one

The Beehive

If you’re someone who finds calm in the chaos, choose our hot seat plan that allows you to find a creative space that sparks inspiration. This plan gives you access to the open desks in the common workspace area.

seat at the creative table

The Nest

Mark your territory with our desk plan, designed to help you settle down and define your collaborative workspace. This plan is for individuals and teams that require dedicated desks.

permanent office for your team

The Den

Thrive in the best of both worlds with our cubicle plan that gives your team an environment to collaborate in peace. This shared office plan is for individuals and teams who require the calm of a walled space.

all this

and everything you need to keep that creativity going.

more than essentials

Lockers and Cabinets

Need extra storage, we’ve got you covered!

High Speed Internet

Need we say more?

Daily Cleaning

So, you don’t have to!

Longer Hours

There’s no off button for creativity.

Preferred Pricing

Discounts on everything we sell food, coffee, merch and swag

Office Supplies

We’ll take care of all your printing, paper and ink needs

Mail and Package Handling

If you love mail then you know how valuable this is

only at FWC

Get, Set, Shoot

Pro Tools

Sound Studio

We offer an all-inclusive 5.1 mix sound studio, designed by the world renowned Munro Acoustics, equipped with the


Sets Studio 47

It includes a dedicated kitchen space, walk-in closet, DIY and beauty terminal, we are always a few steps ahead.



The stages are exclusively designed to support many events, TV commercial production, new media, and feature films.


Production Services

Assisted by world-class equipment, sound stages and the latest in-house specialised production services such as Motion Capture and Phantom Flex slow motion lab.


Post-Production Services

We offer state of the art technology for editing, finishing, visual effects, color grading and sound design.

we’ve done all the talking.

It’s time for the pictures to tell you their story..