our legacy

Set up in 1946, Famous Studios has been a landmark in the world of Indian cinema and television since pre-independence India. For the past 73 years, it has stood for giving dreams a voice and has provided a canvas for artists to create stellar content. The studio is located in the heart of Mumbai and is fuelled by passionate artists, creative gurus and tech innovators; providing them turnkey content solutions under one roof.

famous working company

For over 70 years, we knew we wanted to create a culture of builders - people who are curious, explorers. At the heart of this culture is our relentless pursuit to constantly innovate and create opportunities for all the stakeholders in the industry.

In the past decade, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the media and tech industries. When we first began, the industry was dominated by a select batch of studios and content creators. Today, innovation in technology and the rising demand for content has laid the foundation for exciting growth opportunities. We believe every kind of creator deserves to be at a place that offers access to the entire spectrum of services that cater to their art. The combination of these factors laid the foundation for Famous Working Company: a co-working space designed to foster the creative mind.